Theme is “Time”

The theme for the game jam is “Time” . This is damn exciting. So much so that I fear I might think of a huge idea, to huge to finish in a month. So, lets keep that in mind.

Part of me wants to do a RPG in the style of Chrono Trigger, but that might be to much to chew. I would rather think of a simple hyper casual game that involves the theme, but nothing is really coming to me at the moment. It doesn’t help that I am paper trading on a friday ( one eye on the chart lol ).

Thirty days, dave….. thirty days.

I think I am going to look at art assets and see if I can’t jog an idea in the old brain. I have to come up with a solid idea by the end of the day, or I will be in trouble.

I think I have come up with a pretty descent idea, but after writing somethings down, I realized how crappy of an idea it was. No joke, it is now the tenth, and I came up with the idea on the 6th, but before that, I drafted an entire idea of a game called “Time Harvester” and it was like a growing game, which I think is great…. but no way of getting done in a month. So……..

Time Bomb

Let me present to you “Time Bomb” , which is going to be loosly based on minesweeper.

The game is in lead of points. The object is to disarm all the bombs, highest points wins. To disarm a bomb , each square must be cleared. Leftover time at the end counts as points. Each unturned square is double points.

There would need to be something more here…. but I will have to think more about it. I figure I will think of it as we go. lol

Maybe it divine intervention

So the dev instructor I bought courses from on Udemy ( some of the most popular ) is now throwing a gam jam. I know this is something I need to do, and I should get in the habit of. And I have been saying I need a break from Wild Realms. This is perfect.

The jam is a thirty day jam, and there are going to be teams, but I am going to do this solo. I am also thinking of twitching my progress.

The theme will be released tonight at ten pm. I am committed, for my own good, to do the thing I have been trying to do all of my life; make games.

More to come,…..

For ten plus years???

Yeah, I have owned this domain for quite sometime. Iduno, you think, my name as a domain? Right?! It seems logical that I would own that. I remember when I lost it for the first time, someone bought it, someone by the same name of course, and I remember for two years I checked it obsessively, worried they might start actually using it. Luckily, they never did, and I was able to swoop it up on renewal. But , why? Why do I care?

I mean, look at it. This is the first post in over ten years, hopefully still here. I have designed it a million times, sometimes as a web developer portfolio, sometimes as a strictly musician profile. Sometimes, as both. I love coding, and I started when I was a teenager for the love of games. I am also a musician, and my music is very private to me, so even though I love to share it, I never really feel like I am putting my best foot forward. I am sort of a jack of a lot of trades, and at the same time, a complete ditz.

So, wtf. Have I, finally realized, after ten plus years, what I am going to do with this site? The thing is, I have a hard time maintaining something that isn’t commercial. It feels silly to me. Like posting a lot of crap on social media. To me, the funniest thing in the world is watching a teenager snap chat their lunch…. which happens to be something they just microwaved in the oven. Yet, this domain has been the victim of the same thing. A bunch of crap that no one cares about.

I once had a notion that I would blog and make money from it. lol, right? But ironically, a journal of sorts would make the most sense. I have a few subjects that are important to me, music, art, science, food, trading, politics, racing,…etc,… Should I care that I run a site with a few to many , non intersecting topics? No, cause it isn’t a site, it is a damn journal. Why? Because I am awesome sauce with a side of fries.

And that is where I have went wrong all these years.

So, lets catch up. Wtf have I been doing all these wasted, undocumented years? Well, I am thirty freaking seven, married with five children in all, three of them are nearly adults, and two or of the younger generation. I am happy, for the most part. There is a ridiculous political situation underway, we are in lock down due to government “reaction” to the SARS-2 virus ( aka Covid-19 or Corona-Virus ). We are in free fall. No work, no unemployment ( yet ) and only uncertainty . Other than not being able to do jack, it has been nice ( even though nauseating at times ) spending time with the family. It has been really nice. But I am pretty sure I have aged an extra few years because of it ( not the kids, but the uncertainty ).

I have been iRacing more. That is nice. I just started analyzing markets again after a two year hiatus . I have been working on the game ( ) more. Just now starting to contemplate taking a break from that game and making something else. It feels I am getting stagnate from the game. I am afraid to start a “restart” habit of never finishing and only starting. Art is a serious pain like that. It is much easier to sketch and draft than it is to actually finish the damn thing. At least, that has always been my struggle.

It is good to know, it is all good.

Anyways, I just figured I would write a post and get some words out there. I will continue, I promise 🙂