Finding myself as a Game Developer

I had spent the last handful of years telling myself I wouldn’t go back to freelancing because of the heartache it caused me. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. Almost out of no where, I found myself wanting to develop games again. I had spent so much time doing web development as a freelancer that when I thought of going back to freelancing, I only thought of web development as my only choice. Obviously, this was some sort of lie I was telling myself in order to avoid this as an option. It isn’t true.

When I was doing web development, it was at first, very exciting. But I did not actually enjoy it. A lot of people say no matter what you do, there will be times you don’t want to do it, and for me, that just isn’t true when it comes to game development. My favorite part of web development was doing back end programming that interacted with front end, and produced a result. I especially loved when things were autonomous or reactive. Sadly, you don’t always get a project that involves something like that. In game development, especially working within a engine like Unity, most of the work you do has a productive result. Since I have a engineering mindset, the best part of programming is seeing it finally working. And even when it doesn’t work right, just getting that gratification that something has changed because of the code you wrote, to me, is super exciting.

So here we are, at the start of this journey to hopefully becoming a full time Unity programmer freelance . Not something I thought was possible until I did a check on some sites to see if there was actually work available for Unity developers, and sure as foo, there is. Not always, as I have checked before, but there is indeed work available.

I have been spending nearly this whole year working on a single prototype for a game, and it is expansive and large, but first thing is first, I need to finish the prototype, and then do some work on other projects in order to get a proper portfolio put together.

I have been working hard, but I need to push even harder. This is something I know I can do, I just need to put in the time to make it happen.

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