A new idea is forming, and a fear of survival has made itself known

A lot of the conversations I am finding by developers who are on youtube and elsewhere, have a few very common points. One of my favorites, which has brought about a couple of ideas which may or may not be churning a larger idea in my mind is:

Play To Your Strengths

Well, what are my strengths? Sure, I am a somewhat savvy person when it comes to food and cooking, but I don’t think that would translate to well to a video game, and I have tried making it into a story…..

I am a musician, at heart, and to the core. Being a creative , this desire to create is much more the reason behind any of my adventures. So what is my biggest strength? Music. Heck, when I first decided to start attempting to develop a game again ( after some fifteen years of giving up on the idea of being a game developer ) was the desire to make the music.

So , this is great, even though it really is only great for myself, to realize that is my strength. Coming in second is my ability to at least code enough to get it working, I still need to work on organization of my code, but maybe we all feel that way? I don’t know, but I do know, that when my code breaks, its because I broke it trying to mess around in my messy code.

Music, kind of like code, is organized chaos. And within that organization, it either works, works well, or is complete shit. I feel that my ability to make music works really well, and my ability to write code, usually just works. Good, that is my strengths. I wish I could draw better, or even draw free hand, but I can’t do it all to well, and not even by a working standard. So, that will have to be the latter of my strengths. Obviously, the first person I will hire in my studio, is an artist. Fine, great, at least I know that 🙂

As I was thinking about music though, I started thinking about a game that would revolve around music , in some sort of way. Though, at this point, I feel like it might only be an aspect of the entire game premise, I still think it is at least a good start in the right direction.

The player, would be collecting musical elements, as the traversed through the level. So, at the beginning of the level, only ambiance could be heard, and maybe some residual from the post story. As they progressed, they would collect elements of what would play in the background as the music. The player than could end the level, in what would be a level with multiple exit points and different routes within the level leading to different elements at different times depending on the rout chosen. This would lead to a different song based on elements for each play.

The elements would be a eight or sixteen loop of an instrument, and maybe we could even find bridges, choruses, and leads to open the song even further.

Again, I feel this is only an aspect of the entire premise, I still haven’t really figured out the Who, Why, What or How as of yet.
I do feel like I want love to be part of it. Maybe, the protaganist is a lot like Eric Draven from the crow, a guitarist song writer who loses his and his finaces life to a group of gang members on Devils night.

Jesus hell, I really don’t want to remake the part of raising from the dead, or having a lifeline to a crappy ass bird, but the part of being separated from the love of his life could be the driving conflict that pushes the character to solve something in order to change the events.

Still a bit fuzzy on the Why the music and being in a situation to find it, but obviously the protaganist needs to be a starving artist. My most favorite part of the Crow was that Eric and his Fiance were living in a loft, not poor, but without much and yet in the presence of true love – the greatest riches of all.

Music embodies that feeling – something fleeting, yet something so ‘in the moment .

Our protagonist will be dead, and maybe his soul is now in a dimension, where he finds him self peiceing together music, which brings back memories, and slowly we find clues as to how we can set things right. Again, multiple endings to each level, as well as the entire game…….

I like this a lot. And from what I can tell, that means more than enough to start pecking ( no Crow pun intended ) away at this and turn it into something.

So, enough with the idea, I just simply googled “platform games that involve collecting music” and the first thing I find is this:


This game is about six years old, and was kickstarted for about 10k . The game is a bit wonky, but I love the idea of the sound effects being in harmony with the background music.
Still, my idea of collecting music seems to not be there. Good.
Also, I fell that this only a single aspect of game play. I feel there needs to be a larger quirk to the gameplay involving the music. I have no idea what they might be right now…..

Oh holy hell, a wikipedia page titled “list of music games”


Just a thought, because I don’t want to feel tied to a platform idea, but what would pixel art worlds look in first-person? I mean, besides MineCraft, do we have pixelated first-person games?
Part of me wants to do a platform because I know I would be most comfortable with it, but I know I shouldn’t be comfortable, because the further I reach , the more likely I will complete it.

I do believe the working title for this project will be:

Elegy for Eros

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