DC Head Pop: Update

There is quite a bit to add to it, including some more damn levels, which is turning out to be the hardest part of all of this.

I added a few more bad guys, including a unbreakable triangle, Trump, Pence, that one lady who keeps saying stupid things, Hilary, and Newt. I don’t want the game to be polarizing and I realized I had mostly democrats as bad guys. Honestly, I am anarchist , so it is easy for me to see them as crooks and not “left” or “right” , but not everyone is the same.

I also added a penguin with a Al Gore head that comes along and drops a eggplant in the event the player holds on to the ball for to long. Right now, the eggplant just gets in the way, maybe add some sort of effect or damage when the eggplant hits the ball? iduno.

I originally had the player be able to hit the ball again when it hit the space ship, but decided this was a bit tricky to accomplish, so I made it to where the player can “grab” the ball. Just don’t hold on to it too long or it will evoke the gawd aweful GoreBird!

Things to add:
various backgrounds
maybe some more bad guys ( there is over 600 congress anyways )
music ( in the works )

Play it here

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