Project: DC Head Pop

Imagine, you are a hostile alien race who has been sent out on adventure to eliminate the largest threat to carbon life in the known universe: American Politicians. You find yourself, armed with your UFO and a beach ball, attacking the talking heads, one bounce at a time.

Yeah, I know, wtf, right? Well, this is just the first game, but I have a feeling I will be saying something similar in my second game too.

Basically a ball breaker game with less rigidness…. and a beach ball. I got the idea from watching Space Balls.

One mechanic I came across was being able to give the ball more velocity by hitting the launch button again. This really only makes sense if I continue to use a gravity based system. Been contemplating a kinetic system . The mechanic was a work around to the current bug where it seems as though the ball launches at different speeds.

Another mechanic is that I think losing the ball would take away points versus lives.

There is basic baddys , which right now I have a Joe Biden, a nancy pelosi and a bernie sanders. They can take hits, and will hopefully explode in a bloody mess.

There is TriEye, which is the illumanati eye on the one dollar bill. It just spins, which could knock the ball around. It can only take a hit when its eye is closed.

The penta is a pentagon that after so many hits , will absorb the beach ball and spit it out in a random direction.

And then there is blocks. That shatter. And not…kinda cute, idk

So far, I think I have pulled about eight hours into this, over the course of two weeks . It seems to be harder for me these days to make time for other things.

on the list of things to do:

Fix the variable launching speed.
Work on it “batting” the ball, and think about kinetic , or using friction

There is some obvious errors as far as layout is concerned, now that I published it for the first time. Looking forward to that! *sarcasm*

Anyways, any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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