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I got an idea for a game yesterday, basically, you play an alien and you sole purpose is to abduct people. I immediately found a game for mobile that was just about that, but it was a few years old, hadn’t had an update in nearly two years, and clearly had no retention .

Still, this started making me think about how I should go about doing research for an idea. It would be nice to just to come up with an idea, and then explode all over a unity file and have a game done. Obviously, this isn’t the right idea. So many of the ‘others’ mention researching as one of the first steps of developing a game. And by others , I mainly mean the youtoobers who youtube about their game making shenanigans , Thomas Brush, and Tim Ruswick to name a couple .

Obviously, researching should be done to see what the viable audience is, so looking at very similar games and seeing how well they did. Then to find the ‘model’ of the game idea, and identify the ‘improvement’ I plant to implement.

Then I have to develop the prototype. I did this for my pong clone, and I am glad I did, because it was at that point I realized how boring the game really was. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think every single person was super excited to see this game and play it, when it was 1980 , but these days, we need something a bit more involved and captivating . The prototype can not only tell us what and how to improve the game play, but if it is even worth playing in the first place.

Then comes polish and level development, and a whole lot of testing and so on. Probably the best part of making a game is at this point. Still, staying organized and not getting overwhelmed by my own mess is going to be paramount to success.

I am hoping to involve some people in the production process, namely someone who loves games and gaming and can come up with a good idea, test like mad, get others to test, and market the crap out of it, and develop levels and such. Would be a all star cast if I can get an artist as well, though I know a couple of people, I am not positive if they have the time to do it. I am thinking we will get the prototype in really good working order and then walk around the internet asking people to draw for us (lol) .

All of these projects are about love and passion, and getting our art to others, so involving more people and splitting the profits is a no brainier.

See….. this post is supposed to be about staying organized and proper planning, and I am not sure how effective that has been , but it has definitely been effective in showing how easily I can be distracted and start yammering on about random crap that might not even be related to the starting subject…… Gawd have mercy!

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