Welcome to the new s**t : moving the blog

So I decided that my blog is going to live in its own subdomain, making it to where my main site can be left alone with all of this non-sense. This blog has really just become a place for me to just blah blah about all the blah blah that seems to blah blah into my life.

When I made blog.davidkilmer.com , I then realized that I could my make pages for all of my games using subdomains , which, i don’t know, seems to make sense to me. I mean, the game could be a direct clone, or a useless game, but to me, it deserves the same treatment and I should practice being on top of it – from concept to publish, regardless of how crappy it is.

Tim Ruswick ( I hope I am spelling his name right ) said you should make a pong game for your first game. It was like, in his video where he says a lot of new devs ask “what game should I make” which is a question I have been awkwardly asking myself. I started to go into production on a game I started within a tutorial, and I felt like that was stupid as shit, I mean, I got the whole idea from a tutorial. Not just that, it really wasn’t that fun.

So I started about games that I could do, and hell, I know I could do anything I want, but I understand first hand how much work it is, so I want to do something I really want to do in order to promote finishing it.

And then my stupid ass is now enrolled in college, started last week. so really, when is this all going to happen? I have no clue. To make matter worse, I am pretty sure I am going to setup a portfolio page so I can start freelancing again, because I am broke as a joke and it just isn’t cool.

Games are, once again, being placed on the back burner.

Oh freaking well. I am going to make a pong game, not just cause to learn the ropes, but to do it. I also happened to watch a documentary on the rise and fall of Atari and of course there was a lot of talk about pong, things I didn’t even know, and that very same day, I watched Tim’s video about how you should make a pong game. I said, I am making a pong game!

Sparkle Seven Slap Ball! Sparkle, because there is going to be a lot of sparkling effects, Seven because it will be a seven point round, best out of three rounds, and Slap Ball because Slap starts with the letter ‘S’ and I didn’t want to call it pong.

The game will have a leaderboard, a input layer, a one player option so an AI , and a multiplayer which will allow you to play against anyone or play against a friend. port to computer first, than Android and then iOS, which makes me wonder if the game will automatically allow multiplayer among different platforms? The features not involving game play are going to be more of a learning curve than the actual game loop, which is why I think this will be important.

Anyways, upward and onward!

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