Where have the monkeys gone

So I start school next week, to finally finish the degree I started some twenty years ago. Odd, I became the guy I said I wouldn’t become when I was a naive jerk-wad eighteen year old. Here I am, finally wised up enough to realize I do need a degree.

Currently, and for the last twenty years, I have worked in the food industry, eventually becoming a chef, and now I am too ( only 36 ) old to do it any more. Being a chef is great, but you work lame hours and never see your kids or your wife.

On the side, I have been working as a web developer, completely ignoring my true love; video gaming.

So guess what this monkey is now and forever focused on…??? You got it, GAMING! Cause that is me, and I like it. Am I good at it? don’t care, cause I love to do it, so lets freaking get to it.

I have setup unity, and have found that my years of experience in OOP has given me a huge advantage over most. Also, freaking Unity!? Am I Right?! I mean, if you were born in the early eighties, like I was, and realized you could potentially make games in the early 90’s , the first thing you would hit was the need to learn calculus and start developing a 3d engine. Every single thing had to be done in code, and no one in their right mind would just hand you a 3d engine without you first paying in human sacrafices. Now, fast forward 25 years, and there is a GUI based 3d engine being handed out for freaking free! I mean, now what is your excuse!

So I got a Udemy course on Unity and started learning how to use the main engine. Thankfully , I won’t need to take any C# classes, CAUSE I ALREADY KNOW IT!

I am working on a couple of the tutorials and working them to a completion for practice. A couple of things I am really curious about is how to model and then obviously, how to animate.

Finishing a game I have given the code name: Red Rocket. The tutorial game was a 2d game in a 3d realm where you pilot a dam rocket from point A to point B without touching anything.

The next one is a rail shooter where you are a space ship flying through to kill bad guys. so fun 😀

I want to make a game to practice animation, and hopefully figure out modeling, but to start with a simple main character and bad guys in order to keep the emphasis off of art and focus on game play until I figure out a way to work around my inability to draw an attractive stick figure.

Now, I am finding myself thinking about game play and what kind of games I really want to make. I want to focus on VR, but I know the money right now is in mobile, and I still want to make controller based games…. so, maybe over thinking it could paralyze me.

For now, just one thing at a time until I get it going and find a rythem. The learning phase of programming is the best, and you are always learning. And it is important to just keep focused on game play, and not art.

My most exciting part of all of this? Making music for my games. Seems like a lot of work just to end up with more work to do, but it is the part I am looking forward to the most.

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